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Try Something New in the Florida Keys
By Caitlin Moore

The Florida Keys, that charming string of islands that splays southwest from the tip of the peninsula, are diverse in themselves yet consistently pleasing. Your visit, should you be wise enough to take one, will be filled with unsurprising yet wonderful things like snorkeling and frolicking on the beach, but don?t stop there. Embrace the free-spirited atmosphere and step out of your comfort zone. The Keys will support your foray into unconventionality, so be prepared to amaze yourself.

For example, the stunning and delicate environment of the Keys will persuade you to go exploring in ways you never thought possible. The vast coral reef that skirts several of the islands will entice you to take a dive for a better look, and the marshes of the Everglades will provide you an astounding array of birds and wildlife during your eye-opening eco-tour. Feel the exhilaration of being aboard a sport fishing craft and catching sight of a band of dolphins, or join the nightly group of revelers who sing and dance as the sun goes down in the most spectacular way.

If the theme of discovery suits you, then continue to develop it as you navigate the lodging choices in the Keys. There will be hotel and resort options that seem pretty safe, but that doesn?t mean that?s all that?s out there. Break away from convention and consider renting a vacation home, where you might literally find yourself off the beaten path.

You might never have heard of Seabird Key, but it likely has the potential to be the site of your greatest vacation ever. Located off the shores of Marathon, this ten acre tropical island is the home of a hardwood beach house outfitted with bamboo furniture, French doors that open onto patios and balconies, ceiling fans over every bed, and an outdoor shower among the palm trees.

The private beach and panoramic views will make you feel like you?ve been transported to your own world where you make the rules. However, if you long for a little taste of civilization, just sail for half a mile and you?ll be back to where the people are. Reserving a vacation home like this will keep you close to the Heart of the Keys yet far enough away to imagine yourself a castaway. It?s the best of both worlds here at Seabird Key, and the chance to take advantage of this novelty is yours if you so desire it.

Another way to do things differently is to stay in Key West. Since you?ve decided to walk on the wild side this vacation, you must certainly spend some quality time on the most eclectic and imaginative Key. Here is the place where weirdness is celebrated along with the famed sunsets, and art and originality are encouraged. Crazy costume festivals, Ernest Hemingway look-alike contests, and nearly constant merrymaking make Key West the best place to let loose and rediscover your inner party animal.

Choose a funky garden house to complement your Key West adventures for the ultimate experience. You might find yourself so pleased with the place that you end up inviting your new friends back for a dip in the hot tub, and as they comment on the tropical décor and private sundeck, you?ll be proud of yourself for trying something new.

These are only two examples of the types of vacation rentals that exist out there. For every personality and set of whims, there is surely a villa or beach side condo that exists as the perfect counterpart. Pick a home base that truly makes you feel at home, and the only problem you?ll have is the sense of regret that will come with returning to the mainland.

Go online to start perusing the vast number of Florida Keys Vacation Rental listings, and remember to strive for an experience unlike any you?ve ever had. is a great place to look if you're thinking about reserving a vacation rental in any part of the world.

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